Borough of Garwolin , Garwoliński District, Mazowieckie Voivodship

Type of place

A private field.

Information about the crime

In June 1944, 39 people of Jewish nationality were shot by military policemen and the Gestapo at the military training square. They were local Jews from Garwolin, mostly tailors and shoemakers, recruited to work in the barracks. The location of the grave was possible thanks to the testimony of an inhabitant of Sulbiny, whose uncle saw the bodies right after the execution, in the place where they were buried.

It was not the only crime against people of Jewish nationality in Sulbiny.

In May 1944, the Nazis shot 42 people of Jewish nationality. Their burial place is unknown. In the same year, Wehrmacht soldiers shot about 60 Poles and 70 Jews near the Wilga river. The bodies were buried at the place of execution.


On October 19, 2020, a site inspection was carried out in the place indicated as a grave of 20-30 victims (GPS: N 51 ° 52.157 ‘E 021 ° 39.178’). The indicated area is close to the dirt road and the radio mast. Moreover, the site selected for GPR research is characterized by a distinct sinkhole.

The LiDAR survey clearly shows numerous infringements in this area.



Contact and cooperation

We are still looking for information on the identity of the victims and the location of Jewish graves in Sulbiny. If you know something more, write to us at the following address:


The Register of Killing Sites and Crimes committed by the Germans in Poland between 1939 and 1945; siedleckie province, Sulbiny, Garwolin borough, Warsaw 1985, pp. 275-276.

Recording of the Zapomniane Foundation (audio file), a resident of Sulbiny, subject and keywords: Jewish graves in Sulbiny

We would like to thank the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw for funding the project “The future of our past. Searching, locating and commemorating the forgotten graves of Holocaust victims 2021”, which made it possible to prepare materials about this village.