There are hundreds or even thousands of forgotten, not commemorated graves of the Holocaust victims in Polish cities and villages. These are the reting places of Polish Jews whose fates and names are often forgotten. Our mission is to find, locate and explore these places and eventually commemorate them in in accordance with Jewish law and in cooperation with representatives of the local community.

The passing time works to our disadvantage, the last witnesses of the Holocaust pass away, whose testimony is crucial for the success of the search conducted by the Foundation.


Holocaust, the almost total annihilation of European Jews in 1939-45, in the first place is associated with extermination camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Meanwhile, Central and Eastern Europe, including the territory of our country, is practiclly dotted with forgotten individual and mass graves of Jews who did not end up in extermination camps, but were murdered during the ghetto existence, during the Aktion Reinhardt, as well as after its completion. They rest in nameless graves scattered around forests, roadside ditches and fields. In most cases, the exact location of the grave and the number of victims resting there remain unknown to both researchers and living relatives, although they often still exist in the memory of the last surviving Holocaust witnesses.


Our mission is to search, locate, investigate and commemorate the forgotten graves of Holocaust victims. We support local communities in accepting the past and dealing with the difficult heritage of World War II. We are committed to passing on the found stories to future generations to build awareness of local history and restore the memory of their former inhabitants.

How to help

If you know about a forgotten Jewish grave from the war time, its location and/or its history, write to us: fundacjazapomniane@gmail.com.

Researchers and experts interested in the material we collect or wanting to join the Foundation’s work are invited to contact us by email or visit our headquarters at 6 Twarda Street.

People who appreciate our work are encouraged to follow our ongoing activities and provide financial support, which can help develop them.

Foundation’s statutory objectives

  1. Searching, locating and commemorating the forgotten graves of Holocaust victims.
  2. Reconstructing the fate of Jews, the course of executions, gathering as many details as possible about individual people.
  3. Preserving a memory of each of the victims of Nazi crimes.
  4. Gathering documentation, writing down and archiving accounts of witnesses of Nazi genocide.
  5. Spreading knowledge about the Holocaust, as well as about Jewish history and traditions, and passing it on to future generations who will no longer have direct contact with the generation that experienced the Holocaust.
  6. Involving local communities in restoring knowledge about the Jewish past of towns and villages, assisting in discovering and taking care of the local heritage.
  7. Raising awareness about the local historical and cultural heritage among the inhabitants of Polish towns and villages.
  8. Undertaking educational initiatives for passing on the history and heritage to new generations and for counteracting manifestations of intolerance, discrimination, xenophobia and, in particular, antisemitism.
  9. Promoting attitudes of tolerance, respect of human rights, especially national minorities and cooperation of people of different cultures and religions.
  10. Protecting the national heritage and culture including saving places related to Jewish culture.
  11. Supporting local Polish communities in coming to terms with the past and overcoming the trauma caused by the tragic end of the Polish-Jewish coexistence.
  12. Involving local authorities and social leaders in taking the responsibility for the heritage of Polish-Jewish local history.

Foundation’s details:

Fundacja Zapomniane

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