Borough of Busko-Zdrój, Busko District, Świętokrzyskie Voivodship

Type of place

The Jewish cemetery in Busko-Zdrój.

Information about the crime

According to the Register of crimes and  killing sites  the kieleckie oivodship, the body of Maria Cukier (born in 1892) murdered by SD officers in her own apartment at Kościuszko Street during the liquidation of the ghetto in October 1942 is buried on the Jewish cemetery. In October 1942 on the same cemetery Moszek Topieł from 3 Partyzantów Street, an administrative clerk in a sanatorium, was murdered. There is no information about the location of the burial.


Contact and cooperation

We are still looking for information on the identity of the victims and the location of Jewish graves in Busko-Zdrój. If you know something more, write to us at the following address: fundacjazapomniane@gmail.com.


The register of sites and crimes committed by the Germans in Poland between 1939 and 1945. Kieleckie province, Warsaw 1980, p. 35-38.